Thursday, March 29, 2007


10:00 a.m. WINNER - SONIA BOWERS! By makingmemories How fun is this? It's so
true that it's better to give than to receive - we're having a blast choosing
names at random to give away birthday presents! This hour, please join us in
congratulating Sonia Bowers, whose posting just won her a new Making Memories
Grommet Tool! Sonia's post read: What is your favorite part about the MM blog?
easy - its the fact that i can be inspired any where (wireless) any time
(sleepless nights) any how (product, challenge or sharing scrappers) What
suggestions can you give to make our blog better or what things would you like
to see? nothing really love it the way it is.... oh and Happy Birthday Making
Memories typepad (crossing fingers and wishing, blowing out a candle on the
imaginary cake too!!!) Please keep posting your comments on the main blog entry
from today (entitled: Come to the MM Birthday Party) and we'll select yet
another winner in the next hour. Thanks for making our celebration so much fun!
oh wow - i am amazed, here i was blogging away around 1 o clock this morning, when i should a been sleeping, and saw the birthday celebrations over at Making Memories - i rarely leave comments, im more a lurker, but thought oh well,

well oh well - i won - amazed even more amazing is to be blogging early, as its usually my late night thing, and to see the above post was just OH WOW can you tell its made my day already and its only 7.20am you too could be a winner - go check it out there is still 2 hours togo

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