Thursday, March 15, 2007

ok got in and took the photos for the photography challenge on mysite - hopefully by sharing our workspaces we might learn some storage tips from each other here are my pics and tips

First pic is my desk, with my ikea drawers storage shelf - which i have altered with my fav papers (i have shared this before).

Here is a close up of the drawers .

This is the inside of one of my drawers - i have gone a bit mad with the cropper hopper embellishment boxes - but love that i can open a drawer and find what i am looking for. I have also used the clear film canisters which i got by the bag load from my local film developer. (FREE) which i have pierced holes in and used to pop a sample in so again i can see what i am looking for.

This next one is the A4 storage boxes which are on top of my ikea drawer unit, these are perfect for my rubons, and collections some sorted by manufacturer - great flat storage.

Next is a shot of my colour sorted prima flowers - i also have a drawer up top with all my silk flowers.

Then we move on to my ribbon drawer (melissa francis wooden - LOVE it) i have actually sat and rolled each one around a little ruler and then used the tiny hair elastics (the braid kind) to tie them - so they are sorted - i actually like tipping it up and rummaging through it - it helps with inspiration.

Then this is my roll top desk - it houses the sizzix and tools for my crops. Under i have lots of boxes housing ink , paint and more tools for the crops...

This is one of the boxes which lives in my desk (these boxes came from woolies clear plastic with presstuds to pop them together - easy and cute label spot) - as these are my favourite stamps....

last one is this - which is the table in the studio showing the layouts i worked on this weekend.

Leave you with these wonderful creations from today - managed to complete 3 altered letters and matching cards for birthdays i have coming up.
some detail shots too....
I also completed a layout but i can't share that yet as its for a project that is not ready for release.
also some little thankyou notes - which i will snap a pic of tomorrow - forgot today..
thats the creative jist of today....


  1. Angela2:35 pm

    So cool!!! I love looking at other people's work spaces. You've got so much fun stuff. :D

    Love the cards too. Very elegant.

  2. Oooooh Myyyyyy Gooood I want your scrap space, aaaaand your cardstock range and racks!!!!!!!!!


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