Friday, November 24, 2006


Well its been a while - but, my life is just so out of control of late. The only thing i am controling is my Thursdays creativity - and last week i crumbled around thursday evening when i went to finish my layout - so between last Thursday - and Saturday it finally got finished off. I sat in the Studio during Michelle Winston's Class in which the girls had an awesome time tearing and sanding. will share the finished products when the girls send thru the pics. Congratulations to michelle for teaching her first scrap class.

Here is the layout i finished i was working on those older not so wonderful photos that i find so hard to get onto a layout at times - but well i want albums of my history we need to do those too - and well this is what my photography skills use to be - perhaps it was just the camera (lol) gotta love my digital

So yesterday was Thursday again - and i do santa shoots via my shop and have done since we opened - i love this idea, i just love christmas and the giving and sharing warm fuzzies that come around this time.

the difference with my photo shoots - is i scrap the page for all the photos so not only do you leave with a 45min photo shoot on disc they have a scrapped page with the best picture - so here is my page for this years shoot (1 of the 7 all the same (almost) - just loving the new basicgrey fruitcake - yummm - so they are all complete - unless i get more bookings and then its to the studio to create some more.

thanks for looking.

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  1. I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE your Christmas Photo shoot page !!!! It is just awesome, and I am really jealous that it is not mine........simply beautiful !!!


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