Saturday, September 23, 2006

the rest of the day

well the day went very productively - i managed another movie with miss 16 - stick it - cute and funny. I did get out to the studio as well just not straight away as i did a little blog reading after this morning entry and cathy z - got me interested in some new music so then i went and downloaded Joshua Radin and i had also put sandi thom on to my laptop - so then uploaded them to my ipod and made discs for the studio - then out i headed with lots of new music and the mood to create - well thanks cathy loving joshuas music perfect chilling stuff.

so needless to say i got loads done got in and cleaned up my space after the crop last night then got straight to covering first up i did my layouts book - my hardcopy of what i do - then i did my sketches notebook (been meaning to pretty up this cover only simply mind you for almost 3 years) well its done now and then i embarked on turning a $2 2007 diary into a me thing - and its done too - then with all that under my belt i was in the zone - miss 16 was at work - mr12 was at a friends and well the man of the house was commuting them both - so i had time to me and with joshua on the stereo i grooved (well the neighbours might have called in groaning ) while i knocked out a magazine inspired layout. Again blogger won't let me upload my layout - so go check it out in the

before heading into a bbq dinner that the man cooked and then when miss 16 came in from work we sat and watched last holiday and now its bed time.

hope your saturday was fun too!!


  1. Wow! Have you been busy! It's all great - you must be really pleased ? Especially now that you're organised too. Love the "My Layouts" notebook....something strangely familiar about it - I wonder why LOL !!!

  2. hmmm - i wonder michelle what that familiarity could be
    LOL - you inspired me along with a computer stuff up ....


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