Saturday, September 23, 2006

creating catchup

well this week has seen me be a little martha mad - i get these moods were i have to sort and organise my life to make it work better - so where should i start but a couple of unpacked scrap boxes - which lead to a little creativity

first i sorted my scrap paper bin into my cropper hopper storage trolley and out came my trusty labeller - the kids think i am mad when it comes out i can be known to labeller anything not sitting still. - but now i can see where my paper goes and of course its in rainbow colour order . lol even caught myself singing the tune when i started labelling. - sorry no pic of this one.

then i moved onto sorting my papers - you know all the inspiration, sketches and well my big
picture classes - after the last crash on the computer i decided i needed hard copies (well paper ones of some things) and also with the fact that i still don't have my wireless hooked up for the puter in the studio - so i don't have it on hand when i am working - needless i need inspiration on hand - so created this little folder and put everything in all labelled of course -

then of course it came to putting away the scraps from my last layout - the gorgeous tiny tots photo shoot - love that basicgrey paper. so came up with this cute little card and gift for Adelines Christening which is tomorrow.
Then last night us girls got together for a crop in the studio and i decided it was time for a bit of no thinking scraplifting seeing as this weeks big picture class - donna said it was ok and to be guilt free - and sometimes thats whats needed - i don't normally scraplift everything - i ususally do the yeah i like that bit and mesh it in with my own - but last night after a day of data entry with over 50 new products that had to be entered in both systems and source images - i was totally brain dead so - i scraplifted right down to the same size images - but you know what i like the layout it works and its totally fun - which is good.
and as ususal the last image won't load into this blogger space - but it is up in the gallery - so go look here. i am off to do a little more martha style sorting - time for a 2007 diary cover and i think a new my layouts book - place to keep my sketches and info on my layouts (another hard copy device - leaning no to trust my laptop too much) - will share later today if i get them done - its a beautiful day outdoors - i have already watched a movie with miss 16 (peaches - cute aussie movie although i am glad that miss 16 was disgusted that he was old enough to be her father) and its time to go grace the sun - perhaps a cuppa in the sun on my way to create in the studio.
happy saturday everyone.

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