Sunday, September 03, 2006

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day - to all the dads out there.

What a perfect day to start a week of noting my routine - ha what routine my life is anything but routine. (thinking that may make a good title on my page in Narelles CJ - her topic being a week in the life of...)

so this will be a challenge, being married to a man who has worked shift work all Our life together OUR life has never followed much of a routine, particularly since he began a 12hour rotating shift - no few days are ever the same so tonight i am sitting home alone reflecting on the day that was and he is on his 2 night in a row, no talking in the morning we have learned better even the kids keep out of the zombie mans way tomorrow. But i love this man he is the father of my wonderful children and he helps me to simplify my thoughts - cute pic had to add it - snapped it today in bowral and he copes with me just perfect - note the pic at the end of the blog driving along and even if i can't snap away - he is ever handy when i yell quick catch that one - its perfect just like him.
7.30 - awoken by yelling kids as brian walked in the door
8.15 - breakfast (french toast) cooked by the kids on the balcony in the sun (summer is coming)
9.20 - all showered and dressed - and i know dylan didn't do his teeth again - in the car and headed for mums
10.30 - arrive at mum & dads - have tea a just from the oven warm rock cakes - wish dad a happy day and pass out prezzies
11.15 - back in car on road to bowral -
12 - arrive bowral and stroll the shops - snapping as we go - totally happy day -
lunch in the noodle house - its a wonderful meal and we are all in a good place
more strolling around the shops -
drive and stop
drive and stop and shop - grabbed a cute window - perfect for the studio - new window shelf
drive and stop at mums around 4 for afternoon tea - cheese and crackers
drive home -
6.30 - get a chicken and make sandwiches and watch idol
brian at work
kids and i just chill
a perfect day
in all

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