Tuesday, July 18, 2006

~lucky me~

i have been off the air for a few days, there were a couple of reasons for this -

1. my computer power source has decided to be intermittent - so we decided it needed a visit to the drs - well sure enough its a part they no longer make (well they have one but will not allow my technician to purchase as they would rather i went directly too them so that they can charge me for the part as well as $120/hour my tech assures me that it would take at least 2 hours to do but they would require my machine for at least a week to complete this (and i can't be without it) - he also feels that it would be better to spend the almost $1000 on a new machine - so now the decision is to buy a new laptop (ughh i love this one - just not its temperamental power source, so looks like i am struggling with it for a little longer)

But being without a computer meant no actuall stocktake or computer time which in turn meant that i got time to create - I got together with Deb in the new studio on friday night and actually cropped after spending the day sorting my stash into its new home - it was fun - the first layout is my go at Michelles sketch for the Forever Always July Sketch Comp.

Second reason - it was my birthday - i turned a happy 38 - and i enjoyed being spoilt.

Sunday - we did YUM CHA - with mum and dad and the kids and some friends it was a lovely lunch, then leaving chatswood past the asian grocer and brian picked me up this enormous mortar and pestle an early birthday gift from him. Then we all went home for mudcake and afternoon tea . I then sang it up all afternoon with the kids doing the singstar thing - a wonderful pre-birthday day - My gifts - Mum had made me a wonderful little bag for when i go walking - just to hold my ipod, phone and house key - a little inspiration and totally cute, and a gift card with credit to spend on myself, with a wonderful bunch of flowers, then some inessence handcream and soap (me and my smelly's one of my favs) from my friends.

Monday - my actual birthday - and it started early - kids and the excitement of gift giving - i recieved some wonderful gifts - they know how to spoil me - and the quirky cards were cute too.
lots of wonderful goodies from tea (buddah tears), books to lipgloss, to some amazing bling, books, and chickflick dvds (the classic officer and a gentleman). I then headed of to IKEA to meet my sister and nieces with bianca for a girly day of shopping - Bianca and i arrived early and started with the usual of banana bread and coffee. followed by a browse through Angus & Robertson - checked out their top 100 book list and realised between the two of us we have read almost half of this list, picked myself up a treat - We are their Heaven by Allison DuBois. This looks like a can't put it down book. My sister and nieces arrived and more presents - wonderful candle for DUSK - i just love it - we went in and exchanged the plate for one she new i would really like but was out of her budget . Pink and green stack of 3 plates with a beautiful candle on top - perfect for my bedroom more things just got to get in and paint it now.
We did the top floor of Ikea then stopped for some IKEA meatballs for lunch. Before heading downstairs - chose my lights for my bedroom (hmm don't start me on the assistance- but needless to say we are heading back to ikea on Wednesday to pick them up). Got another set of Ikea drawers - will alter and put in the studio next to the others. Home to fiind my darling husband cooking me the most wonderful Roast Pork dinner with all the trimmings, cauliflower au gratin, garlic beans, honeyed carrots, roast potato, sweet potato and pumkin. it was just so scrumptious we were joined by my MIL and girlfriend with her daughter - more gifts, DUSK tealights from the MIL - which i purchased during my shopping spree and this gorgeous handbag hand made my friend from wool with felt circles stitched on with a beaded handle and secret embroidered message on the inside one of her trademarks in her hand made bags... I had a super day.


  1. Happy Birthday !!!!!!
    Looks like you have been spoilt!!!
    I love the bag!!! Can't wait to see all the rest of your goodies. You'll have to wait for my pressie :)



  2. Anonymous3:21 pm

    am really intersted in that book too!
    hope your birthday week has finished well love gab

  3. Thanks girls, the week was awesome although exhausting - brian would say my age is creepin up on me - but i had a blast. Gab- book is awesome although i have cried a few times already - will loan you it when i am done.

  4. Happy belated birthday Sonia. sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating. You got lots of lovely pressies


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