Friday, July 14, 2006

~busy week~

well its been a busy week this week with the kids home from holidays we have had a few extra helpers - its been good - we have been a building team.

inspired by need for a perfect storage system in my new studio - and with the box system having been in place for the past 6 months in my hallway - and my total love of my IKEA drawers, i cam up with a sketch and brian then took it and made measurements - before visiting our friendly Mr Bunnings (hardware) where they cut it too size and he brought home this wonderful little package kind of just like my IKEA package - then we have all taken time to sit and build some drawers. we have had fun! - then the kids got to painting - i got to stocktake (even if it is boring it was fun to put it all in the new drawers) - with the help of my printer, some BasicGrey Jumbo Bookplates we have this new system - more pictures to follow when finish building - hopefully over the weekend - It will all depend on our time - Brian is working on Saturday - so the kids and i may get some done - we do the drawers and he does the frame. Sunday - we are doing Yum Cha with family and friends for my Birthday, another year older - hmmm well some would say - not m e today - todays a good day - going to scrap on my own in the studio, kids are out with brian shopping - hmmm wonder why - could be my birthday LOL -

Then well no computer for me for the next few days as the computer is visiting the DRs(technicians) its having a meltdown and needs some TLC. hope to be back online by Tuesday. cheers and have a great weekend, i hope too!

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  1. Oh me like this idea!!! Very very cool.
    So are the drawers IKEA draws but then the base part of it was made up at bunnings...


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