Wednesday, April 05, 2006

~ ribbon swap ~

my first ribbon swap - hope the girls like this strano design ribbon - its called mia - when i look at it i am reminded of my childhood and big bowls of cold neopolitan icecream, the sweet creamy flavour - why is it i have a craving to buy icecream - lol will have to make it a treat for after dinner tonight - bianca has left, for her DT camp - i feel sad, its making me realise that she won't be home for much longer that she is growing up before my eyes - i miss her already - how i don't know as its really just a school day today and i would be here on my own anyway - but maybe its the fact that she is somewhere between here and shoalhaven already - hope she enjoys her self and finds the little love note that i slipped in her bag - i didn't think to snap it but i saw it yesterday when i was out shopping sweet little business card size card that had the words mother is another word for love - popped it in amongst her mp3 player and spare batteries - hope she finds it when she most needs to feel my love.
wow - sorry for the moping girls, but must go be creative have days 8 and 9 of my journal to create i am behind today - and have absolutly no inspiration to walk or create - thought i did when i made my little ribbon bundles pictures above - but its gone - should go and try.

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