Wednesday, April 05, 2006

~ day 8 ~


well this has done it i have moved forward and feel inspired to keep going before cleaning the house and yes even getting that walk in again although i have a horrid headache RHONNA i can't thank you enough for the inspirational quotes that get me motivated am am just hoping that when i go on holidays next week that my friends will text me the quote to keep me journaling i will however be without the motivational other 21'ers - of this i am scared - but i will remember that the power is within ME
scan of this entry is not so good you can't see that i have used HEIDI SWAPPs new Coloured pencils to colour in my white chipboard letters (they are nice pencils i just had to have them)

edited ~: after uploading i went in search of other 21'ers and found with this quote that i just had to add to my day as well.

you will never change your life until you change something you do daily "mike

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  1. Here is an inspiartional thought about Sisters that you my enjoy


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