Thursday, March 09, 2006

~ Sharing ~

OK totally cheesed – I have spent over an hour on a blogger entry – updating my life and crash internet explorer discovers an error and I lose it all.

So here goes again – the short version – cause I can’t do the creative writing thing again

Friday Kate Ceberano Twilight @ Taronga Concert – Awesome
  • Breakfast with mum and dad – dad cooked dippy eggs – fresh from their chooks –original blog – had wonderful memories here of my childhood.

  • Boys stayed home and worked on the Studio – looking good

  • Girls went to have Spa Pedicures and Manicures and then lunch out as a thanks from me to them for the slaving work in the kitchen on Retreat.

  • Before heading out I booked my classes for Donna, Cathy & Ali at the Craft Connection – way to go – awesome – doing the happy dance – Ange is coming too!

Classes I am doing – these were confirmed yesterday

Freeze Frame Album: Fri 8.30am (Donna)
Imagine the Possibilities: Fri 11am (Donna)
One Year, One Album: Fri 2.30pm (Donna)
Photo Decor: Sat 8.30am (Donna)
Perspectives: Sat 11am (Ali)
Designing Your Life: Sat 1.30pm (Cathy) Favourite Photos: Sat 3.45pm (Ali)
  • Dinner on Balmoral Beach with Mum, Dad and Friend watching the Shakespeare by the Sea performance of much ado about nothing
Roast Lunch for mum and dad before they headed home
Visit from Janet – played with my fine china – found we had this in common
Nat popped in too to scan layouts – see them in the gallery
Working at home - I have finally completed the About Us page on the website - due to a few clients asking why this page was yet not done - thank you for the nudge to do it. It took a bit of sole searching and warm and fuzzy's to put it down.
- Thanks to all the comments I have received about the page, I am amazed at them.
Bianca – went to the optometrist and needs glasses – back Friday (with camera) to get them sorted.
Packing kits for the design girls – can’t wait to see what they come up with – they are working on the inspiration packs for March/April and April/May.
- my valentines gift from Brian sprouted – look isn’t it magic – can’t wait to do the page.
Thursday – today – well I started early on this blog with intentions of getting it done quick and when it crashed you nearly didn’t get an entry at all. I typed an typed whilst listening to the pod cast from Cathy and Donna – wow – it had me laughing – need to get back to that mood – since crashing I can feel the frown on the brow. Not good.

So to cheer me up – I have reflected on the word


I recently received a few thank you notes from those of you that attended the retreat. I am always amazed when you all express how grateful you are for the effort I go to - well its my turn to be grateful to you all - I really love what I do - but your responses - be it words or actions that I receive are the encouragement I need to continue on in this fantastic journey I began way back when... (not going there – frown is turning around)

So as a thankyou to you - I have decided that I want to give to those of you who make me warm and fuzzy, a gift, and an act of gratitude.

So I am going to send out some Random Acts of Kindness - surprise gifts - randomly to those who visit, mention or link to my website, blog or myself over the next couple of weeks – watch your inboxes for my RAK request of address.

Ok off to be creative –


  1. Kylene10:46 pm

    Sonia, love the updated "About Us" page. I was definitely inspired from the first moment I stepped inside the store at Dee Why, and thanks to you my creativity has been unleashed. (although my wallet is empty!!)

  2. wow sonia you certainly have been busy. whats with the weird characters in your typing though (lol). It was great to read the "about us" page. You certainly do go to a lot of effort for your retreats and everyon appreciates it.

    Catch up with you soon

  3. Thanks Sonia for the "about us" page email. It's always lovely to get the background info.

    Sorry to hear you lost the first entry - but the one you did get in is chock full of stuff. :) You are always sooooo busy.



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