Monday, February 27, 2006


Wow - what a weekend - home and exhausted, feeling very brain dead - but all inspired at the same time - I am sure everyone had an awesome time - we decided that we were all just like babies - eat sleep eat sleep and sleep some more - but with a twist we ate scrapped ate scrapped and scrapped some more with some more eating inbetween and very little sleep!

From the moment of arrival on Thursday - everyone jumped straight into scrapping - we were all so keen to get lots done - i managed to complete my trading cards on thursday night. (forgot to get a picture of them all together) with recipes from slices i had baked for the weekend on one side and this big R (symbolising Retreat, Rest, Relaxation and Recipes) traced from the Pressed Petals chipchatter letters they are yummy - we sold out of those on the weekend. on one of my favourite paper ranges- Making Memories Vintage Hip, prima flowers and some bling to finish with.

Friday saw the arrival of the 5 New Basicgrey Ranges - colour me silly, Oh Baby! Boy, Oh Baby! Girl, Hang 10 and the ultimate Favourite of us all was the Urban Corture range - this was the begining of my Canvas inspiration - here are some of the letters - one of todays many things to do is to complete the canvas and share with you all. Cards made from my scraps from the letters - this was a tip i read from an article somewhere of late - to make a card from the scraps of your layouts when creating - thus you don't end up with too many scraps, you will always have on hand a selection of cards - it was also one of the challenges set by Nat for the weekend. - and proved to be a fun exercise for all.

Relaxation was the main aim of the weekend - and although i am exhausted i can't say that i am not thorougly relaxed at the same time - Our location is perfect and yes we did do the simple scrapbooks planner idea of the week and get outside and breathe some fresh air! So even the die hard scrappers came out from the scrapping room to sit in the fresh air and sip on a nice glass of wine (water/juice) whilst nibbling on some fresh fruit and cheese (see eating again) enjoying the sun shine and the bush atmosphere - even the kookaburras joined in. Although Gran claims to have a few bruised fingers from his nibbles this little guy loved the rissoles as much as we all did.

The Challenges from the weekend got everyone thinking beyond there comfort ranges - so a lot did things they wouldn't normally do. - In Particular - things on ourselves - the one behind the lens ususally - and that one thing most of us don't enjoying doing at all - Journalling -

Photography Class on Saturday with Fiona Burgess- was a big success - although a bit of a treck some said - a few more scrappers will be taking some very exciting and creative photographs from now on with their newly learnt knowledge.

Fiona Carters Classes were a big hit on Saturday with lots of different variations on the theme coming to life throughout the rest of the weekend. The Altered Tin Class was a favourite too - with an amazing result - i hope Fiona shares her pictures of the tins too!

With a surprise drop in visit from Kim Archer too - some more posing for Pictures -

Last but not least - the group picture - for more pictures go check out the gallery - and keep tuned for the release of placements for Retreat #5 in September.


  1. Hey you couldn't of had that much of a good time... I wasn't there!
    And there were no marshmallows!!!:)


  2. Just love your thank you cards! and what gorgeous big canvas letters!

  3. LOL - ok Ange, no marshmallows - but i promise if you come again i will buy them.

    Kathy thanks for the comments - the cards were beautiful - but that basicgrey urban couture range is so inspirational - the letters are those big wooden ones - i love them
    thanks again


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