Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Easter 2015

Diary Date - 4th April 2015

 Happy Easter one and all, today we are celebrating with family and friends. All 20 of us will be enjoying with slow roasted pork with plums, roasted veggies, Cypriot salad, beetroot salad and we've baked brownies.
The conversations as always, just amazing.... the 3 generations all join in...
"Some go bald."
"I haven't seen mine in a while."
"How do you not look"
"Mine is hidden under a verandah."

 Never a dull moment, dinner was interrupted by an almighty crack, tree in the reserve has fallen. SES phoned and they are sorting it out with lots of flashing lights. I felt for those wonderful SES treasures and whipped up a batch of Hot Chocolate to warm them all, they were very happy!!!

Most precious of all was this video of our day photographed by darling  summed up our day
A video posted by biancabowers (@biancabowers) on

Loved my stunning gifts from family and friends too!!

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