Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Week according to Instagram and Pinterest

MONDAY feeling a bit off the winter blues, but determined not to the let the winter get me, I needed a sleepin and hubby obliged even bringing me a heat bag, tea and vegemite toast. But what better way to brighten the day than some gorgeous happy mail in the form of a Lynette Anderson Mystery BOM from Calico Crossroads... worked on signage for Belaroma Coffee Centre Cafe

TUESDAY still listening to my inner body, and rested more, worked on market Cowl Scarfs and got a complete....I love this colour combo. If you would like to order one of these, just shoot me an email

WEDNESDAY ate this for dinner

THURSDAY it was test kitchen day, modified this recipe and created this cooked this for dinner

FRIDAY cleaning with the aid of Pinterest. With a teenage son, who loves to microwave, yes he's an apprentice chef who has just passed his first year only yesterday. much excitement filled out home. He also has a love for micro waving the oddest things though when not in cook mode, and the result is a microwave that looks nasty always. I loved this pin and tried it straight a way and it microwave is spic and span, although I love the lemon version, it doesn't work as well as the vinegar, although I am not fussed on the vinegar odour that is now filling my home.

SATURDAY Home cooked breakfast by my loving son, a cert 3 chef :)

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