Sunday, June 09, 2013

A new addiction

With a past week having been huge! With reclaimed timber orders of 8 custom build items, one love seat and 15 small plate crates just for starters from Belaroma Coffee Centre Cafe Then I had an order for 38 items from my heat bags range for my local beauty salon, Mye Hair & Beauty. Top that off with number 1 daughter doing uni assessments, and hubbies usual extra night shifts this household declared a day of no tools and rest today!

So the day started with pjs, popcorn and game of thrones marathon... But I wasn't content to just sit and watch, so out came the hook and I decided to play with a pattern I had seen on my Instagram feed.
I loved that Betsy of the The Dainty Daisy blog had created this pattern was easy to read and so simple. I also loved that she was happy to have us sell our wares using her pattern.
A few hours later this little pink number came together, and after sharing on my Facebook page, I already had an order for a black one. So they will be appearing at the next Forever Always Market Stall.
But I couldn't stop at one, so before bed this cream one came together too, I love the cuteness. These are adult sizes but I think I'll have to do a few kiddie sized ones too, I can see a special god daughter in one :)

And how cute are these little flowers?

Well that's my long weekend Sunday, how was yours?


  1. Where to start sonja, I really love the fish and chip crates. And those hat's are so gorgeous! How long to make one? Love the new look of the blog!
    Have a great week, Michelle.

    1. Hey Michelle, thanks for your lovely comment. Hubby and I are hoping to complete and deliver the remaining 10 fish crates today and enjoy one filled with a meal. the beanies I guess take a couple of hours I didn't really time myself. Been working on making blog and website look alike so have been fiddling with it all. Love n hugs Sonia


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