Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stitch A Long - February

OK, so I noticed on my last post my changes didn't go unnoticed by our chooky, i am so hoping that i don't get smacked, but more changes in the finished item as well.

I know, that February is supposed to be from Red Home by Natalie Bird, but I had purchased the Natalie Lymers pattern to make a friend, because we stitch and drink tea together so the saying was perfect. But neither of us need another sewing keep it all, but well what girl doesn't need another tote bag? I loved the pockets and panels of the tote bag, but I also liked my bag I made last month with the gusset. so yes you'll notice another change. :)

I course I said neither of us needed another sewing bag, yep keeping with my make two motto when giving homemade away, I've traced off two stitcheries.

As I was gift giving on the 13th February, there was no mucking around so I have completed one so far the other is in my hoop still. But all pieces are cut ready to go.

If only I could stop crocheting and get stitching.

Almost 2 completed and I'm happy!


  1. Just stitchery and love the bag!

  2. lovely bag Sonia........

  3. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Very nice Sonia, look forward to meeting you at Nundle next month too :)


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