Friday, January 04, 2013

Secret Santa - gifts sent and received

I must apologise for my delay in this posting, but with Christmas crazy and the fact that when I did find time to sit and blog, from my NEW iPad, I realised that I had downloaded and started to blog but got interrupted and then I realised - yes still learning not all images are in my Icloud..... Then to  top it off I finally had a day to myself to sit and do what I needed to do, BLOG..... but, of course then the computer decided to beep and whir and sound like it was going to blow up and of course my images were on the PC of my sent items and my new iPad won't let me comment on blogs. but after a 48 hour fix it with Hubby, it seems I am back in the land of the PC and blogging, just a few days too late.

SO....Another year in the wonderful SSCS exchange, this year Chooky had 97 (if I counted those blog addies correctly) in our exchange.
The Ornament ready to hand on the tree, hand embroidered Joy Star.
So, back in October we all received our partners names/blog details. Then came the fun of stalking said blogs, to work out the perfect gifts for our recipients, and stalk I did. I stalked and stalked her blog till I was happy with my decision to make her a gift I would be happy to have. I can now reveal that I sent my my gifts to Josie in Scotland.

 I had lots of fun, stalking Josie's blog, and when I saw a selection of fabrics on a table that she was working on for her conservatory, I thought, that I had the perfect little project in mind, it also happened to come to me at the same time as I purchased,at the time the latest issue of Homespun magazine, with Lisa from Cubby House Craft Blog's project... Spring Time Symphony. I new that I wanted to make this in my newly purchased Tilda fabrics  - and of course I had to make two so we have matching runners.


What makes gift giving even more pleasurable is the response of a gift received and you can read Josie's excitement here in her blog post 

Now onto my excitement.......I received, a wonderful package of goodies all the way from Finland from Satu of Quilttales Blog 

Well, I was so excited, when I opened the post pak to see that Satu had obviously stalked my blog as much as I had Josie's how else could she have know that my love for stitching/fabric& papercraft was so mixed up..... I was blown away with her hand embroidered but sewn into paper gift tag. I was just itching to open that gift.

On opening, there was not only the above tag, but the below card as well.....that girl, did good...I love the mixed media of fabric and paper. I was in heaven.

I then opened the smaller, gift, and with each gift Satu, had graciously written on gorgeous postcards and explanation of each gift. this is Poppy Napkins, and they are famous in Finland, as is the little sweet cup, its a seasonal item for 2012 and will go on my little collections wall...its perfect size for my printers tray and will be a reminder of Satu and 2012's SSCS swap. - Yes Satu I may do a little poppy keep an eye out!!!
Then, came this wonderfully crocheted/quilted mug mat, its' sitting pride of place beside me as I type with my   icy cold beverage on it, keeping the condensation from creating a circle on my desk....another useful gift.!!
(really I felt like you spied on me, as I have a little fettish for fabric coasters

And that's not all..... this is where is get's really freaky......
Because if you didn't get the hint at the beginning of this post, I was totally spoilt by my family and they surprised me totally, with all their talk of NO iPad's in this house, androids are better, and then the secret squirrels they were plotting on the week before Christmas, and then they spilled the beans, that they were each buying each other an Android Tablet, but that it wouldn't be here till January as it was a new released item....I was sadly thinking nope not getting the iPad I had been hinting at, not even a tablet....but they got me....after opening a huge box of spoils...handbag, creams, potions, treats....yup big box, I felt totally spoiled and had forgotten my request for the Ipad.....but they pulled out another box, I thought it's a book...usually always get a book for my holiday when I opened the iPad I was so surprised....and then.....

I opened Satu's gift....and WOW....OK Satu calls it an Idea Pouch, and it contained a sketch book, and assorted pieces of paper for crafting, BUT it fits my iPad and it's beautiful AND oh SO ME.... I LOVE IT!!!

So, that's a huge post, but I must say a big Thank You to Chooky for organising another amazing swap.... this is my fifth year, and I wouldn't miss it ever....can't wait for next year already!! Oops that's this year :)

Thank YOU Satu for spoiling and making me one very happy girl this Christmas...that's oh so Special!!

Thank YOU Josie, for joining this swap and allowing me to spoil you....and give me the warm and fuzzy's.

It's amazing to be connected to the other side of the world via a little screen in my office. It really is the most wonderful time of the year to be sharing with others. 

Now I have blogged, I can head off and do my blog commenting thank you's too.....


  1. I know Josie loves that runner.....and Lisa was stoked to see someone making her design in the Swap.........thanks heaps for being part of the SSCS 2012.......beautiful gifts sent and received.........

  2. ;o) I just can't stop to smile, Sonia, when I read your post ;o) I'm so SO glad that you liked your gifts! By the way, if the button of the pouch is causing a trouble, I think you could change it... I just wanted to add some piece of crochet also to the pouch. See you and VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and to your family!!!!

  3. Gorgeous pressies Sonia!! Love the table runner you made! Happy New Year, Michelle.

  4. Hi Sonia I'm visiting from the SSCS list... wow, I know how thrilled Josie was to receive your gifts, and you have received some gorgeous ones also. Now that's the spirit of swapping!


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