Friday, October 12, 2012

Garden progress

Back in September when Spring hit, and the garden called. Sadly with the last 2 years craziness it's been very neglected. So it's taken me a couple of weeks, but the front is almost complete, and the back it looking a lot closer to the finish line too.

I am finally feeling my almost normal self, although I will never be able to lift large items again, so I have to watch myself. But I have enjoyed the time in the yard by myself, and with my family helping out some days too.

All mondo Grass has been dug up, removed the onion weeds - gosh i hate that stuff, subdivided and replanted what i could.

The before photo showing the onion weed in the mondo

the after shot, mulched and no onion weed to be seen.

I've enjoyed smelling the roses whilst working.

revamping and adding bird feeders are bring all the sweeties back - love hearing them

sitting back admiring the hard work

I think the best part of gardening is the end of day watering in.
 Whilst all this work has been going on, little other odd jobs have been completed. The side passage decking, was laid almost 10 years ago could be even more, and with the new work out the back, meeting up with it, we were hoping a good clean would be all it would need before staining it all...and we were very lucky. Aldi put out the deck high pressure hose a few weeks back, and with a little investigation, it didn't fit the Karcher we had, but it was cheaper to purchase the new Aldi system than to buy a new bits for our old machine which is almost 20 years old anyway. So here are the results so happy with them, can recommend the deck attachment for those high pressure cleaners for sure, on the left is the before, and the right is the after showing new to old, no difference!!

 While I have been on garden duty, hubby has been on the deck duty, trying to complete and finish it all off now that we have the time.

Dylan has been helpful, too, the outside of the fence needed a good sort and clean after the cancel removed rubbish that SOMEBODY left behind our house, the joys of living on a public reserve, with some no so nice people in the area!!!


 This chair really needs some TLC but it looks good now in its new garden bed, perfect spot for enjoying the birds.

And all the hardwork has paid off, the roses are looking the best they have ever done!!! We are so happy!!

 A garden full of roses means that there are more than enough to enjoy in the garden and I can still have some inside.

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