Friday, July 13, 2012

A Holdiay in the Country - Part 3

The sights, out and about in our amazing country are really wonderful, and even with just an iPhone camera, as my darling daughter has my big Digital SLR in New Zealand on her travel holiday. I am happy with the shots I got.

These first few are on the road travelling between Mudgee and Rylstone. The water expanse is the Windamere Lake, and with the clear skies, I was loving the water reflections. There are also some amazing dead trees in the lake  Its amazing how all of a sudden this lake appears nestled amongst the folds and valleys of the hillside that were driving along.

I was surprised to read that there are folded layers of limestone that are approximately 400 million years old in this area, and that some of it has been transformed through the effect of great heat and pressure into marble, and that this marble was used for the interior of the Commonwealth Bank in Sydney.

Saturday on our drive back from Rylstone


End of the day out and about.
 Our holiday has come to an end, and it's the long stretch home ahead, we awoke to a glorious sunny morning, but were surprised to see on the road ahead, low lying clouds and mist - seeing it ahead and then driving into it, was very eerie indeed.
Time to head home - look at what's ahead.
 On our sunny days we  had driven by Lake Windamere and Brian had mentioned wanting to stop in at the Windamere Dam, but due to a time restriction (the markets were ending - LOL my priorities), we decided to do it on our way home - but that Dam was smack bang in the middle of the mist and the clouds - very very scary for me - panic attack status to turn a corner and be confronted by walls of rock and then come out the other side to an enormous bridge. See for yourself, and really these photos don't show the height that well. But that sign does say DO NOT STOP FALLING ROCKS.

See that bridge and the mountain behind it, that is the DO NOT STOP ROCKS FALLING mountain we drove through.


This shot is taken on the bridge looking back to Lake Windamere
Further down the road, and finally looking back at the mist and clouds we came through.
Realising that the country is being left behind, around the mountain heading into Lithgow and out came these giant stacks of steam!!!!

Loved seeing the light and shadows on this railway bridge.

That is the end, of our Holiday in the country, back came the traffic, sirens, oh and reality!

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  1. lots of great pics from your holiday..........


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