Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Baking - ROCKY ROAD GIFTS

OK sharing this years variation on my Rocky Road Gifts, using the basics of this recipe again.

Yep baking the cakes means waiting for them to cook, it's the perfect time to keep at the cooking, melting and stirring so it was all in on baking day Tuesday and the Rocky Road got started. I love to have this on hand during the Christmas Season, so when I was at COSTCO the other week this huge box of Turkish Delight was only $14 so of course it brings the price of my rocky road down when I can mix up an even bigger batch, meaning more to share (who am I kidding, it means a bigger container to hide from the fingers at home, but I guess it is Christmas)

Then while I was at IKEA on Monday doing that inspiration shopping, I did get those tins for the cakes for large serves of Rocky Road, but once home they worked better for the cakes I think, but there are a couple of family sized Rocky Road gifts packaged up in the tins, but the smaller little gifts worked wonders in these glasses and at only $5.99 for 6 what a bargain.

The remainder will grace our Christmas table on Christmas day, with tea lights in them
so the Altered Recipe was
2 x blocks of Cadbury dairy milk cooking chocolate (for one batch I used the Dark version)

as I was using the cooking chocolate I needed nuts, so I added
1/2 cup Pistachios
1/2 cup Cashews
1x100g bag Betta Mallow Bakes
1x180g bag Coles raspberries lollies - cut these in half with a pair of kitchen scissors
and 150g of Authentic Turkish Delight {optional} - cut these in half with a pair of kitchen scissors, then drop back into the box, so that they get coated in the icing sugar to stop the cut edge sticking to each other
so not much of a change...but it's good
 Wrapped and looking very pretty!!!

 And here are the cakes all wrapped and looking pretty good too I think...loving my IKEA Christmas Tags too!!

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  1. Thanks Sonia, you have just given me an gift idea! The cakes looks beautiful and the rocky road looks so yummmmmmmy!!!!


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