Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Big Week

WOW where to start

Wednesday 1st December - the tree went up well half up, seems to take us longer as we get older and still not being 100% well I just wasn't in the Christmas Zone, even our traditional glass of bubbles didn't do it.

Thursday 2nd December - pottered in the Studio with Anne, created not much but did get a start on some handcrafted paper Christmas gifts will share those when they are completed. Managed to get half the groceries done, including a few Christmas gifts (yes I have started). Finished of putting up the tree, which meant the handmade ornaments too that I had received from the handmade ornaments swap - this picture shows Kye's (white and silver ball) and Amies (clear ball full of bells). And my felt bird cage now hanging in the tree!!! Kirst's Bird isn't gracing the tree, it's an all year ornament according to Bianca!!

Also the train with it's light on going round the track under the tree stirring the Cats big time....such laughter was had.

Snapped and tried to share on Facebook my 2nd December photo but it wouldn't upload so here it is here....the blue and green vintage baubles in a bowl....blue and green is my theme this Christmas, well kind of!!!

Friday 3rd December, up with the birds at 5.30am to get a start on the Christmas baking and sadly I hadn't finished the shopping yesterday, so it was groceries first then home to the kitchen and cooking up a storm and trying to clean house.
Christmas Cakes were baked - from a double batch of this recipe...1 large round, 1 large loaf, 8 mini loaves,

5 small 10cm rounds. Two batches of Rocky Road...Till exhaustion hit, Brian home from work, my parents for dinner so it was cocktails with Mum and Bianca whilst we created the best Caesar Salad ever for dinner.

Saturday 4th December - 12 hour Christmas Crop, and it was wonderful to share with the girls a Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings....

including this recipe - told you all I would send it too you. I completed this sketch, but have yet to photograph the layout....will do and share soon.

Sunday 5th December - spent doing a little stitching, yes I started work on my Life is Beautiful Quilt

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