Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fabric & Photos

The sewing machine cover complete, I was so surprised to start my cover and then read that Jenny was doing the same thing and then she decided to make it a monthly challenge, well without a pattern that I could follow due to the fabric panels in the centre that I had chosen to use, it then created me into a patchwork pattern writer...LOL well I attempted, and it's not too bad, I did have to chop almost all of the top border and the bottom of the panel off, as my additions seem to get too big....but I love the finished item....I have machine quilted some of it, but also done hand quilting, which is very sad I must say, it's amazing how it takes almost a whole quilt for me to get my stitches just needless this little item doesn't have the best but I did enjoy doing them. It all started with these two panels that I picked up in a remenats bin at a little shop in Camden. One says the sweetest joy and the other side is peace abides here......both are appropriate for my little sewing room.
****Edited *** - this makes my second finish for August
Bianca is inspiring me with her historical journey, I spent yesterday traveling the countryside looking for Mt Britain, the point of a archelogical project that she is working on. It was amazing to listen to her retelling history as she understands it and then hunting for this site, we managed to pinpoint a rough area but as we couldn't contact the farmer who's land is now in his posession we couldn't get photos of this area, but we did learn to follow some of the older land marks and above is one of the three air vents or shafts that we found that are still connected to the water ways of today from the 1800 it was very exciting.
Had to share this awesome happy know when I was away in Bowral, I mentioned My Place - how I got some fabric, well having done some stitching and used some of this fabric,(sharing just a sneak of the before of the project....) I realised that I wanted to have more in my stash, so thankfully they do online sales and yep I got some more....don't you love happy mail.


  1. Wow - what a beautiful job you did on your cover!!! I love it!!

  2. Why, I think it is so good,I love how you incorporated the panel.I would be proud to have it on my machine too. New to your blog but love reading you thoughts. Good luck.

  3. Oh that is just gorgeous!!! Well done!!!

  4. Congratulations on your sewing machine cover it looks gorgeous, love the colours and the panel....well done..
    I am a big fan of happy mail, it's like Christmas... happy stitching Sheryl

  5. p.s. good job on two finishes for August.... I managed one and I'm thrilled to bits....

  6. your cover is beautiful good luck in the draw
    hugs Beth

  7. love the shopping.........and your machine cover looks great.......

  8. You cover is lovely! Great use of a panel.

  9. Your machine cover looks great. I love the rich colours and the panels really set it off.

  10. Sonia...
    Sabe que a minhacapa de máquina, foi feita depois de ver a sua, serviu-me de inspiração, só que não tem comparação, a sua esta muito, mas muito linda!!!!!


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