Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WOW - the birthday extends..and a recap

Well that is what it feels like...Sorry, no more gift photos...but I was spoilt and i did party hard, with the help of my daughter. Thursday night was big, nice dinner with Mum and Dad, Brian and Bianca at the club, a couple bottles of wine

Gifts a rose named Sonia - such a special one from my dad, and I got a lovely white linen embroidered quilt set for my bed from mum and a handmade doll...she is a cute.

Then, home and Bianca poured drinks...a few too many fingers of alcohol, but they were good and we watched a the beginning of a few late nights.

Friday, breakfast in bed, more gifts 3 Pandora charms, a book in bed with....some sexy stories, oh and some chocolate....Ainsley Harriott's cookbook "just five ingredients" and my nose pierced...well a voucher for below... some of my favourite perfume Red Door Velvet...a lay in then my sister arrived with more spoils.....she had crocheted me a sewing kit....there was a thimble case, scissors scabbard, tape measure cover, needle case....all very vintage looking...

We had a great day, out having grown up sister time, coffee, browsing the second hand shops, I picked up a nice green glass bowl, and some wall paper to cover the inside of a vintage trunk i have.
Then home a few bottles of wine, got dressed and out to dinner at Garfish....just divine...then off to the club for a few games of pool and a few more drinks....late night loads of laughter fun and well a few too many...
Saturday up early and doing the work drop off for Dylan and Bianca so my nieces and my sister came with me and we did a couple of garage sales and the jumble sale markets....couple of bargains were had there.
Home feeling exhausted, but ventured out to the manly markets to live it up, then the family all went home and it was just hubby and i at home, so a movie and a nap were had.
Fajitas for dinner, and a couple of movies later, yep another late night....body was getting used to it I think.
Then up early again, and out...Drop of the teenagers at work and Hubby and I headed off to Balmain and did the markets,nice to be a grown up and enjoy coffee and holding hands....few more bargains were had...sorry no photos.
Fish Markets for some shopping oysters, squid and prawns...then home to the family and a family style cook up all four of us preparing and cooking is dinner...
Margarita Oyster Shots,
Andre {masterchef fame} Breaded Oysters
Salt and Pepper Squid and Prawns with a chilli lime dipping sauce....oh and of course more margaritas....and another late night
Monday and I was exhausted - so sadly the piercing was postponed....
Tuesday - yep its piercing day, nervous nellies the two of us....but we did it and here is my proof

It didn't hurt as much as I expected...I think my top ear piercing was more painful .

Then quick phone calls and today was planned....and....

Well what a day I have had. Thanks to Sharryn for making me join was totally awesome.
I have had photography lessons by fantastic photographers on the new Sony alpha 330 digital SLR....OMG I want a new camera, so easy to use some amazing features...all these lessons took place in the opera house - with head chef Guillaume Brahimi letting us learn portrait photography with him as our model...i didn't do so good on this one...then on to photographing some of his that one was awesome, loved the colours in the dish Blue Swimmer Crab on a bed of avocado with cucumber, coriander and capsicum coulis - the vibrant greens and orange with the white was just so fresh...then a desert looked like a panacotta...but i am not sure...but wow talk about make you hungry then it was downstairs and out the back of the opera house back stage passes and we were in the dressing room with the star Meow Meow, what a character....loved snapping her photo in amazing low lights of dressing rooms and then up onstage...just amazing. then it was outside and shooting into the full sun and with some fantastic star bursts...i was suitable impressed.. just an amazing day.. thanks Sharryn.
To top it off, the photos we took well each participant had to choose there favourite two and these will be on display in the opera house on Friday in an exhibition outside the studio theatre were we will be going to see meow meow perform in her show Meow to the world crisis is as you can see the birthday extends.

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  1. All I can say is...WOW! You certainly have celebrated your birthday in style!!! Talk about a brilliant week. ;)


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