Friday, November 21, 2008

adding posts together

Ok well every time I sit down to blog, I start and get distracted on the many chores that come with getting ready for here are a few that I have started that I have put together in this one post....not much of a catch up but well the best I can do.

Wednesday 26th November 2008
Today's creative juices had me finish of these little gift box/name place puddings for the Kris Kringle Crop this weekend. I got the pattern here

Tuesday 25th November
I have enjoyed being a secret santa, creating and shopping for somebody I don't know, I hope she likes what I have purchased and created for her. It has been a fun experience, and I am excited to think that somewhere on it's way to me, somebody else has had the same excitement and enjoyment of doing the same for me. OH I love Christmas and spoiling people. I hope I read your blog right and have managed to spoil you well. This is your wrapped is flying accross the globe to you now....
22nd November 2008
Secret Santa Gift - this one I had fun with....totally got into the baking mode with this one, with recipe book and cookie cutter wreath.
18th November 2008
Today I finished creating this years Christmas Card - I have made 30 of these little guys. I am happy with the little wreath design, it was pretty simple to complete when making a mass production line.

And I though I would share with you my Christmas Card from the Handmade Christmas Card Swap over in the FA Forum. This was my first take on this years card, but all the stamping and kindyglitz took too long to create many of went for the easier above version. This smaller photo is the ones I recieved back from the swap...thanks girls love them all.

Also managed to complete this Santa Bunting - I so loved this idea when Gab did it for the Retreat booklet, that I couldn't wait to have ago.

Sunday 16th November
Well it has been way to long, and I am not sure I can do a totally catchup but here are some creative juices pics....oh and some shopping too - these first few are goodies from my Market trawling last weekend. We did Glebe Street Fair and then moved on to the Roseville Markets as well....had a blast, It was wonderful to walk hand in hand with my man and just mooch.


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