Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday FUN

Well today has started well with Happy Mail.....don't you love it!!!
I have been doing a bit of shopping on line for gifts for birthdays and christmas, and its so exciting when they start arriving.
Firstly - previous post Ange's birthday you little something arrived today - so expect happy mail sometime next week
After seeing this link on Kim Archers Blog, i have in my hands today the following items that i fell in love with... this book.....the description of what was inside hade me drooling, and well its the same book that has the pattern for the quilt that Kim was doing, well before i new it I have signed up for the block of the month club, so have the first block here - will get into starting that tomorrow....but this book has some amazing things in it.....

I can't wait to start the advent calender, and the naughty and nice list, oh and some fantastic gifts, like wine bags, and chocolate boxes, table runner....can see me sewing for another 12 months.

I got some of these aswell

but there was oh so much more - some very very yummy eye candy!!!!

Be sure to pop over and check it all out!!!

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