Monday, July 09, 2007

well here is that card i promised and another from the many i had to do....everyone else got ones from an old stash of homemade from a couple of years ago....was too sick to create- see the next part of the post

no i am not dead, but i've been told that i was lucky as people do die from my drams....and you all know i don't do anything byhalf.....

so you all know i have been suffering a little bit of mojo due to a minor tooth ache….and having had my last visit at the dentist one I would rather forget…4 hours in the chair with the result of loss of control of my eye muscle…you can possibly understand my reluctance to have another visit…so I soldiered on with a mild ache….but in the throws of our latest Cyber Crop….i fell under with the pain, and as those of you forum readers will know the alcohol didn’t help….future note…never drink on an empty stomach in the hopes of dulling a tooth ache it doesn’t help!!!! Well after a emergency visit with the dentist, who immediately admitted me to hospital to undergo iv fluids and antibiotics…to come home and still feel totally horrid…an emergency visit to the local medical centre for more needles (total pin cushion at this stage) home and days in bed just sleeping in a drug induced state….before another visit to the dentist for a total 15 minutes of removal….no dramas besides my fear of drugs and my reaction due to anaphylactic responses…..I am finally feeling mildly better…

so needless to say i never made it thru our last Cybercrop over at Forever this all happened during that event.....but i can now say the mojo has returned....well for a while anyway.
and here are two layouts from some current DT challenges this first one is for the GUEST design team skethc challenge inspired by Fran Tynan.....
and this next one is the Progressive Challenge by Amie....


  1. Oh No Sonia, that's awful!! You poor thing, I hope there are no more tooth aches or anything happening for you. Take care.

    Love your layouts and how cute are the cards - the little clear envelopes for them are really adorable. You are very clever,

  2. Yeah She's back blogging, Mojos back +++,

    Louise xxoxx

  3. Love the cards Sonia! cant wait till the retreat so I can learn all this stuff! beautiful work!!!!

  4. Poor Sonia!!!! I can't imagie how painful it ALL was (including the missing mojo LOL).
    Glad to see you're up and about again.
    Take care.


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