Wednesday, February 14, 2007

working hard

the last week i have been working very hard to getting the Forever Always Website updated , i have launched a new forum and sorted out a lot of fun stuff.

so here is a challenge i have issued on the FA News blog to celebrate the launch of the Forum

to enter is simple

Register in the Forum in the Valentines Challenge Folder

The Challenge is simple

  • Scraplift a layout from our Gallery (please acknowledge the layout)

  • Use this scraplifted design to create a Layout Celebrating Love (love can be interpreted anyway; love of chocolate or the love of a sweetheart)

  • Your layout must include the colours Red, white and black

You have untill Midnight Sunday to complete and upload your entries to the Valentine/Opening of Forum Challenge folder in the Gallery

last but not least

happy valentines day to you all


  1. Hi.. just wanted to let you know your 'forever always website' link doesn't come up.. it has a comma instead of a period. I figured it out though and I'm not the most computer savvy. HA! :) Love your site and am off to go have a peek now. have a fun day!

  2. thanks deb - fixed and checked out your sites love the letters - awesome


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