Monday, November 06, 2006

time to move on

well apart from the sad, bad luck we have been having - i felt it was time to move on - turn the other cheek perhaps -

so we have tried to get cheery - and well here are some pics of a dinner out we recently went to for halloween. Bianca wore that wig again - yes she does look good in it but no she has decided the wig is easy really having pink hair is just too much mainenance and well then there is regrowth - i sometimes wonder how old this girl is, she just amazes me with her wisdom - lol or she listens to her mum too much.
And yes that does look like an eyeball , this was our dessert - i unfortunately couldn't get passed the eyeball candy, its texture was to realistic for my imagination.
I have also tried to get back into the creative roll and have had some luck with the following cards.
This first one is for my Brother in Law - a bit belated, but better late than never - Happy Birthday Al
This next one was for my niece Chantelle - Happy Birthday 12th Birthday - hope your day was special.
Next on my Birthday list was Design Team Member Michelle S - know that you celebrated happily - ps - congratulations on your good news - just so you all know michelle just brought a new house, to fit in her new arrival thats coming soon - watch out for those baby pages .
Next on the list is my Dad - its his Birthday today - happy birthday daddy - glad your day was great. and lunch yesterday was super too.
And this next one is for a friend whos birthday is in four more days - will post it out tomorrow - so she gets it in time.
Happy Birthday Tia
Idol - well i was sure dean was a gonna tonight, so didn't think chris should have gone, and i will have to actually start voting i think if i am too see jess and damien in the top 2, as i personally think they are just awesome, and would be happy to purchase either of their albums.
Family update - Dylan is still crooked (this is how we like to describe it) but not on medication, and he went to school today so thats a bonus.
-Bianca managed 2 lessons today at school and shared work shift for 3 hours, her knee is still swollen, but she is doing better and we have another physio session tomorrow.
- Me - well accupuncture was had today, am hoping to drop down to once a week after my next appointment its helping to lower my stress, just wish i could blow out a candle and it would all go away.
- Brian, well he is soldiering on being our rock, without him i am not sure where we would be - love you babe.
Well this has been good therapy - hopefully i will get back to more regular posts.

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