Wednesday, August 09, 2006

~lucky me~

Looy looky what the post man delivered to me today - what inspiration - i was browsing my blogs the other day and noticed fiona had new ribbons on her site and well i just couldn't resist them they were totally my type of inspiration and Fiona has done a fantastic job of packaging them so all i want to do is sew them as is to a layout simple - even have chosen the photo - pity my new toys are not ready to play with or i could print a picture and do it tonight - nooooo - going to sew some more on my circle journal bits and watch the 2nd part of lastnights the trafficking show - so got me hooked last night and don't get shocked yes this is my 2nd post for the day

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  1. that looks dangerously tempting... ha ha we are talking ribbons, not men or food here!!!


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