Sunday, August 20, 2006

~exhausted but excited~

wow what a weekend, from the moment we picked up ange from the airport i new it was going to be an awesome week.
i am home it is sunday evening and idol is about too start and ange is snoozing beside me on the bed whilst i make this post - proof of how hard we have worked and played, so far but we still have a few days together.
Kiwi scraps was awesome the moment we arrived at the mecure everyone gravitated in the bar - this became the meeting spot to hang and chill - met up with some lovely ladies here, and this is one of them the very wonderful Gloria.
i then began my classes with a donna marathon - and i loved every one of them from this first class - freeze frame pictured here with nat and ange - and wendy in the back.

this next one of ange and i doing our drilldo 101 - in the one year one album class - totally loved this class lauged a lot and will laugh every time i use my fiskars drill and think of donna's wonderfully colourful instructions.

I just was totally inspired by this lady- Donna is awesome - love this woman) and her accent when she was calling out my name - sonniaaa - not sure if you can hear it like i can but i loved it.

Cathy, Ali and Donna all signed my little stitcheries and recieved the ones i had done for them excitedly.

I just love this 3 stooges (ali, donna & cathy) pic of the girls well this is the way i think of them in this photo - they are such characters laughing and teasing each other, their friendship is amazing to see.

drinks and chats in the bar was a great highlight to out weekend - especially lee woodsides freestyle kareoke and conversations with dan (cathy z's hubby)

can't wait till the girls come back again - well they have all promised they will so lets hope.

Kiwi Scraps 2007 can't come soon enough - well this has been a verry long drawn out post due to my frustrations with blogger but its done - so much for us going to bed early - here we are posting from dueling laptops - lol

more tomorrow after our day of shopping,


  1. Hey girl totally loving your post. Loved catching up with you. Like I told Ange pretty please email me some photos. Luv ya.

  2. sonia, loved sharing a class with you at kiwiscrap and can't wait for 2007......hugs.


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