Monday, April 03, 2006

~ day 7 ~

Day 7 - rambling thoughts
up early
even through the back pain
wondered at the beauty of the bush
celebrated breaking a habit
worked - a little to much - another habit that needs some change
inspiration struck
ange and pink
mess again
not as happy with this one
but i am SHE and SHE LOVES LIFE
life changes for the better
believe in she
she is good
she is ...


  1. Lovely page. Love the pink. Love yesterdays flower too, very nice.

  2. Wow girl, this page is Awesome... I like it very much....


  3. i love this page Sonia and you are going so well with you challenge

  4. Sonia - thank you SOOO much for your lovely words on my blog. Really made my day! Don't know about you but I'm loving actually getting something done!. Your journal is just lovely and you should be very proud of yourself. Keep it up
    Deb :)

  5. thanks girls for the comments, i am loving this journey of creativity - and my life is changing.


Thank you for your beautiful heartfelt comments on my blog, I really appreciate the time and effort it takes. {heart hugs}