Friday, April 07, 2006

~ the clean up layout ~

well today i am cleaning and packing before we head on our much awaited holiday - but in my process of putting away and tidying my desk - filling these gorgeous Melissa Frances Custard Cups that arrived this week - who wouldn't be inspired by this cup full of Heidi Swapp Florals - when sitting amongst the things to put away was the simple scrapbooks planner black and white challenge that i had put with this photo of bianca and that gorgeous beautiful word rub-on by karen foster. i just couldn't help myself so here i am 20mins later and a layout complete - although i am thinking that i could put one more of those flowers that started this off on the bottom left in front of the word beautiful - comments please.

but now i am issuing a challenge - cant you complete a layout with some of the items in your clutter stash in under 30mins. email them to me for the gallery and i will send all entries a little gift -


  1. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Debra said,
    it looks perfect. what a great photo of Bianca.... the black and white adds even more to the photo

  2. I think I would leave it just the way it is! It is perfectly stunning :) I still have yet to try your challenge - Lis


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