Sunday, December 04, 2005

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{my two things}

2 names i go by - Sonia and mum

2 parts of my heritage - Australian and English

2 things that scare me - the dark and creepy crawlies

2 everyday essentials - hugs and kisses

2 things i'm wearing right now - bare feet and new black pants (flared and comfy)

2 favourite bands/artists - doug williams and the black mass and kate cebrano

2 favourite songs (at the moment) - scar (missy higgins) and whatever will be (tammin sursok)

2 things i want in a relationship (other than real love) - friendship and honesty

2 truths - i hate crowds and public speaking

2 physical things that appeal to me in the oppostie sex - hmmm thinking about the phone call from bianca this week saying tom williams (dancing with the stars for those of you who don't know who i am drooling about) is sitting next to me in the coffee shop and the sigh that i let out probably sums it up. and i love bald black heads.

2 favourite hobbies - creating be it scrapping, cards, sewing, quilting or cooking and reading

2 things i want really badly - to be debt free and a new digitial slr

2 places i want to vacation - italy and the greek isles

2 things i want to do before I die - finish renovating and travel with my children and their children

2 things that make me a "chick" - nail polish and as my sister describes it the fruit salad body washes or lotions or smells that i love

2 things i am thinking about right now - finishing the emails, the crop room, cleaning and putting up the rest of the christmas decorations, then there is the christmas baking too sorry my brain just can't think of only 2 things its racing as it always does.

2 places i shop - internet and ikea

2 people i would like to see take this quiz - ok comments girls go for it jodii and deborah

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