Tuesday, November 22, 2005

{my day off}

so far today i have

  • slept in
  • till the neighbour's gardeners whipper snipper woke me at 8.20am
  • tea and egg on toast for breaky
  • fought with blogger image upload for Forever Always News and More blog
  • quality time with hubby :)
  • cleaned the toilet, basin and scrubbed the shower
  • vacuumed bathroom and hall
  • purchased another Christmas gift
  • groceries purchased for the Christmas party pantry stash - and realised why i hate aldi (horrid register customer service - rude young male who would rather speak over me two the other rude male on the next register)
  • msn chatted with ange. :)
  • emptied the bookcase of my fine china
  • cleaned the new preloved antique china cabinet and put it in place of old bookcase
  • rang a friend and chatted for an hour
  • washed the fine china
  • popped over to above friends house for a cupppa and a sanity break from annoying 12yr old son ( as much as i love him - 12yrs old and homework = a stress moment)
  • finished putting away china and alcohol in new cupboard
  • put away groceries
  • filled vase with water while bianca picked some gardenias - oh i love the fragrance in the house
  • made salad - finely sliced red onion, fresh herbs on hand, a little dressing and then toss in the mixed greens.
  • played cards with both bianca and dylan
  • whilst steak was cooking on BBQ
  • served dinner with nice icy cold corona YUM
  • played another couple of games of cards with bianca and dylan and brian
  • i washed up while they continued to play another game
  • made kids a mango iccee and brian and i a mango daiquri
  • washed the laundry, kitchen, dining and lounge room floors
  • headed outside with daiquri
  • played and chatted with neighbours and children till sun was setting (i so enjoy the daylight saving hours)
  • washed up our glasses
  • down stairs is all sparkling and clean
  • now to the computer work - for some new uploads on the online store.

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  1. sounds like you had a great day sonia


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