Saturday, November 12, 2005

Blog catching up - Week in Review

Its been a great week this week.
  • Monday - was really tired but it was to be expected after such a huge weekend!
  • Tuesday - slept loads and rested well.
  • Wednesday - felt so super charged from yesterdays nap day that achieved heaps - you can see all that i uploaded on my FA news BLOG and in the online store.
  • Thursday - Girly night with my baby Girl and her girlfriend - they had subway and i had an oporto wrapper (YUM) followed by Movie and New Zealand Icecream (chocolate caramel cups - in a cup with a spoon, or course) - Movie was Elizabeth Town - great feelgood movie about LIFE. - I loved every bit of it - the laughter and the tears. Go see it! - i just loved the travel scrapbook - funny how i see these little things in movies.
  • Friday - Hmmm well guess what i scrapped - did this layout for a class thats coming up. and worked on this laughter page that i have been trying to finish for a couple of sessions.
  • Saturday - TODAY - i'll start with answering this question that Ange asked on her blog
    What Do You Know For Sure?

What are 5 things I know for sure?

  1. I know for sure what unconditional love is - its being a mother, and it feels fantastic, but it sometimes hurts.
  2. I know for sure that I wouldn't change a thing in my life - I LOVE IT THE WAY IT IS
  3. I know for sure that i believe in FATE - and that eveything happens for a reason.
  4. I know for sure that no matter how hard i try to lose weight - this is me - and I am HAPPY
  5. I know that i have stepped outside my comfort zone - and its scarey but its getting easier.

ok - its hard to stop so i have to add this one


when was the last time your belly hurt from laughing? -

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