Saturday, January 03, 2009


Wow, not sure where to start...had a quiet but enjoyable New Years Eve in comparison to years gone by. But this years was special as we celebrated with Family. I even got an extra bonus of sharing it with my hubby although he did go to work and it would have been our first one appart....not bad for a shift worker. But he got to work and there were enough of them in, one of the boys that was rostered off even came in, so he got the lucky straw to come was nice.
I have been enjoying these few days of holidays, just playing games with the kids and stitching...can't share though as they are gifts...
I have been doing a bit of net surfing....came accross this inspirational site...Elin is an amazing quilter, and I found some fantastic ideas on her well as that link will take you to here giveaway....go and check it out and join in the fun.
Well today I am teaching my Daughter to do some backstitch on a project she has decided to make for a friends children....I am so proud of her, and her makes me realise that I have done something right in raising her.
Anyways, have a great Saturday.

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  1. Thank you for your nice words! Of course you'll be in the drawing!


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