Sunday, February 25, 2007

busy busy busy

I can't believe its been almost a week since i blogged. Where did the week go - you know i know it was just so busy that it flew by. But i did enjoy it.

so lets see -

Tuesday - sewing day got some sewing done. worked on the new stock that was coming in. so it was a very late or early weds morning for me.

Wednesday - Awoken early - not a good thing, there was a possum in the house - wholly crap - i like cute things but not in my house. so no going back to bed had to watch it and wait till hubby got home from his nightshift around midday to help get it out of the house. DD stayed home from school - has the horrid cold and with year 12 mid yearly's looming she needs to stop this thing in its tracks before it takes hold. yup still working on the new stock on and off all day - huge day meeting with the DT - shared some of the new goodies with the girls. hit the sack at midnight needed to was feeling like crap - late nights were catching up to me.

Thursday - DD home again. Studio was open for shopping pick ups - working on the website, planning and organising for Cybercrop. Groceries - Packing and shipping orders. Created this card for Kye.

more work on website again another late night. 12.45 i think

Friday- DD had her year 12 presentation - recieved her year 12 badge - it felt like only yestereday that she started year 7 , Chiropractor - ahh that felt good - she gave me the permission to be noisy. cyber crop - yes time to play i thought LOL - well play, chat work its all the same - the cybercrop was a huge success - my planning paid off the girls have all seem so pleased with the challenges. I did them too - here they are.
The details for the challenges can be found in the forum
this first one was an inspiration challenge - here is my inspiration
Challenge 2
Saturday - tried to sleep in as it was such an late night/early morning almost 3 beofre bed again. feeling horrid so tired - up and chatting in the forum. showered breakfast out for a little retail therapy got me some ricrac and fabric for my sewing caddy and a little pillow for my office. spent some R & R time with DD - watched marie antionette - good - then Got in and started scrapping and chatting again. finished Challenge 3 - storm hit - made it too bed just after 12
TODAY - you still here - thanks for spending the time - well lots more Amazing and Wonderful layouts have gone into the gallery - be sure to check them out


  1. Hi Sonia,
    WOW what inspiring LO's - Thanks for sharing. Found your link on the 1,2,3 Challenge site :)

  2. Great pages Sonia. Thanks for some great challenges. I had fun doing them.

  3. Hi Sonia

    I just received my February 123 CyberCrop Bingo Prize - thanks so much for the lovely papers and thank you for supporting a very innovative 123 website run by a couple of very special scrapbookers.

    Take care and happy scrapping.
    PS: Love your blog and your Forever Always websites.


  4. Thanks girls, for commenting. So glad you liked your goodies Liz. Charmane and Karleen are doing a wonderful job with the 123 sites.

    I love to do challenges - and setting them was just as much fun.

  5. Your possum story made me giggle. Reminds me of the time our cat brought in what I thought was a fat mouse. The cats were useless in tracking it down and I had to bring in the dog to - ahem - exterminate it. That's when I found out it was a rat. Ugh. I didn't have the foresight to take pictures of it though!

    Love your pages and challenges. Glad I found your blog :)


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