Wednesday, April 05, 2006

~ day 10 ~

Art is done - gotta strike while your hot - now i am running late for the girls - gotta love it - will run around browsing all the sites later tonight - then will journal tomorrow on the right day


  1. Hi Sonia

    Your pages are BEAUTIFUL...
    Keep doing this.. I am a little bit behind... I need to them today...


  2. just love your journal and all the fun, beautiful entries! and your 16 candles invites were to die for!!

  3. thanks for the comments emine and laura.
    I got caught up yesterday and then today when rhonna posted i just had to do half i was so inspired. you know when the mojo hits - bianca loved her invites - hope the party is a huge success now -

  4. Your pages are stunning - its turning into a really beautiful journal - you are definitely hot!


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